Romantic Dining

You can’t say I didn’t warn you.  It is less than one week before Valentine’s Day and your sweetie might want to be spoiled this year.  Remember, happy Wife, happy life!

Just like Lady and the Tramp, you may want a very romantic dining experience for your sweetie.

The listed the top-most romantic restaurants in Chicago, so let’s just hope you’ve made reservations.

Bistro Campagne, the RM Champagne Salon, Spiaggia…all made the list.  But what’s the reality you have actually made the reservation already OR that you’ll take the trek to the city?

If you are up for the adventure, check out the article here.

OR I thought our listeners recommendations might come in handy.  So I asked you on our Facebook page….

  • Many of you said staying home.
  • Listener Chad said the Signature Room
  • Nanette suggested Geja’s
  • Erin piped in with White Castle…It’s always White Castle!