Scientists Determine “Perfect Pizza” Equation

I don’t know who has time for this, but I will certainly bring it up to my buddies who are pizza chefs!

Two Italian physicists are doing some truly inspiring work – they’ve calculated the mathematical formula to make the perfect pizza.

Their results were published in the paper “The Physics Of Baking Good Pizza”.
So how does it work? First off, you need a brick oven, which evenly radiates heat for a perfect bake on all sides. The pizza should be baked at 625 degrees Farenheit for exactly two minutes.

Don’t have a brick oven in your kitchen? Then they recommend adjusting to 450 degrees for 170 seconds. Also, adding toppings, especially ones that contain water like veggies, might require some additional baking time.

Here is MY scientific formula: Pick up phone. Hello? I’d like a 12″ cheese and sausage. Here’s my credit card. BOOM!



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