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Dateline: HENRICO COUNTY, Virginia

Residents living in a Virginia neighborhood woke up earlier this week to find free televisions on their doorsteps. It sounds like a great gift until you see that they are, what the kids would call – antique TVs left in front of the homes.

Doorbell surveillance cameras captured the man with a TV set over his head, laying an older set down on someone’s front porch and just walking off.

Outdated boxes were found at more than 50 homes.

And ANTIQUE they were.  One neighbor said that they got an old tube-style TV, 13 inch!  Local kids didn’t know how to use such a contraption.  Mass confusion up and down Main Street!

Henrico Police say the only real crime committed by the Television Robin Hood was illegal dumping….and the fact that someone lost the remote!…which is a FELONY in my house!