48 year old Robin Marie earns $40k a year, or about $80 an hour, for a very unique job: she’s a professional ‘Cuddlist’. That means she spends about 45 hours per week spooning, hugging and snuggling people.

She’s been at it for about 18 months, and insists it’s strictly platonic. Her ex-boyfriend was freaked about it, so Robin said they “agreed to disagree”. Her new boyfriend, she says, is cool with it. Maybe because of her 45 hours of weekly cuddling, 25 is spent on the clients, 10 with her boyfriend, and she even tosses 7 hours a week at her cat.

There’s a code of conduct (t-shirt or tank top with lounge pants at a minimum), and each session lasts from an hour to 4 hours. Some ‘Cuddlists’ do overnight sessions, but Robin hasn’t been asked yet. She also notes that’s a little pricey for those in the Midwest who live nearby.

It’s for anybody, too–her youngest client was 20, oldest, 80. All kinds of people, too! Male, female, gay, lesbian, transgender–anyone she says is suffering from “skin hunger”. She’s here to help people who feel isolated and lonely, so she uses what she calls “compassionate listening” as well.

Cool or creepy?