How many times do you say “sorry” in a day? Sometimes we’ll apologize because we bumped into somebody, or when we’ve cancelled plans with a friend. According to, there’s such a thing as an “unnecessary sorry”.

A Canadian sociologist believes all these extra sorrys are trouble for us, saying they make us appear timid and small–more than we really are, at least.  Maja Jovanovic teaches at McMaster University in Ontario, and she claims “apologies have become our habitual way of communicating.”

She offered a few recommendations for eliminating the more unnecessary apologies from our day-to-day conversation. Try “I have an idea” next time instead of “Sorry to interrupt you”, or when you text someone back after a delay, this time don’t type “sorry” first, just say “I was reading”.

Jovanovic offers other tips for paring down the sorry in our lives here. Do you struggle with constantly saying sorry, even if it’s not really necessary?