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Dateline: Memphis, Tennessee

If you are getting ready for your next trip out of town, you may want to see who has been sleeping in your hotel bed…in this case, it wasn’t Goldilocks!

Last Friday, a woman spending the night at the Memphis Hampton Inn Walnut Grove hotel woke up to find a garden snake nestled in her arms that morning.

Melinda Major admitted that she isn’t a fan of snakes. “I can deal with spiders and all the icky things, but snakes are not my thing,” shared the Nashville visitor.

Major said she immediately jumped up and flung the reptile across the room. When it landed back on the bed, she snapped a photo because who is gonna believe that?

The hotel staff came to the rescue, removed the uninvited guest and offered her compensation for the incident.

It is said that the snake is sad their relationship didn’t work out and feels that all snakes just get a bad wrap thanks to the human ones.