If you’re ever-so-grateful for this first day of Spring, you have something else to look forward to, tonight.

The first vernal (Spring) equinox supermoon in 20 years will light the sky.  Because the moon’s orbit is elliptical (oval-shaped) it gets closer to earth at some points on the oval path, more than the other end-points.  So, tonight’s moon will appear 14 percent larger, and 12 percent brighter, than usual, due to its close proximity to earth, according to National Geographic.

This particular appearance is referred to as a SUPER WORM MOON, as well, because it appears as the ground finally thaws, and worms emerge from it. Kind of a “loony” name, right?

But this will be the last supermoon of 2019.  There were two others, January 21 and February 19.

Now, with March 20th, it’s like a Super Moon Hat Trick.

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