Let’s talk about sex right off the bat. Without hesitation, a new survey claims that’s the one “skill” we’d pay the most money to have without putting any effort into is being more of a dynamo in the ol’ sack-a-roo! They tallied our votes, and the going rate for being more talented in bed if a whopping $8,200.

That’s nothing: we’d also like to heal and regenerate. For that “big ask”, we’ll pay $143,000. That topped the superpowers list.

Other skills we’d pay good money to hone is being less anxious for $6,800; better public speakers, $6,200; patience is worth $6,100 to us, and being more athletic, we’d pay about $5,900.

Simple talents that take work and usually can’t be bought are playing an instrument and speaking a foreign language, which we’re willing to drop $5,700 on.

You’d think some of the *yawn* usual superpowers would have broken the top 5, but they’re still worth mentioning. We’d spend $123,000 to be our own ‘Invisible Man’, and $92,000 to have X-ray vision.

To round out the survey, they asked what keeps us from learning a new skill. That was easy! Most answered they need more of these three things:



-and MONEY!