The infamous no-call of an apparent pass interference penalty that helped end the Saints’ season has left New Orleans fans desperately looking for answers.

Two Saints season ticket holders have asked a judge to order Roger Goodell to reverse the results of the NFC championship game that sent the Rams to the Super Bowl. Their lawsuit is highly unlikely to succeed but pleads the commissioner to implement a league rule regarding “extraordinarily unfair acts,” reversing the game’s result or rescheduling the game – in its entirety or from the point when the act occurred. Louisiana’s governor also sent a letter to Goodell requesting the league expand replay reviews to include certain penalties.

The NFL has opened an investigation to determine if a fan tried to shine a laser pointer in the face of Tom Brady during Sunday’s AFC championship game at Kansas City. Video footage shows a green light flashing on Brady when he’s calling out signals and about to receive the snap in at least two instances late in the Patriots’ overtime victory.