1.  “Do Unto…”  –  Understand how YOUR PARTNER loves… and remember that opposites attract.  So, you may be a toucher, but your “better half” is a talker.  Try to love your partner in the way he or she understands (and prefers to receive) love.
  2.  Seek Thrills Together  –  Go on adventures, whether small or large, expensive or free.  That shared memory of the day you hiked all the way up, to enjoy the most beautiful view…   That will bring back stores of good feelings – all kinds of them!
  3.  Shake Some Spice  –  Steam up the room by surprising your partner with a hot new movie or toy or book…  maybe even whisper some of the passages…
  4.  Romance Maintenance –  If you can’t remember the last time one of you surprised the other with a little special treatment; then it’s way past due!  Break out the candles, favorite foods, concert tickets, flowers, STAT!

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