The Sunday after Labor Day is traditionally when we honor the love only grandparents can provide; it’s National Grandparent’s Day!

Several studies over the years asked over 2,000 people what some of the best advice your Grandparents gave to them:

From the Philiosophical:

  • Don’t grow up too fast
  • Don’t take your family for granted
  • If you are not 10 minutes early, you’re late
  • Write everything down
  • You can learn a lot by keeping quiet and watching

To the Realistic:

  • Never trust men with beards
  • Always carry a handkerchief
  • Never go to the airport looking a mess, you never know who you might meet
  • Don’t let the (bleep!*&^%$#) let you down
  • Have a Rum and Coke!
  • Don’t get old

My one grandmother lived to 101 – and she told me secret to life was to have a little bit of brandy every day!