Spending time by the water, can leave you feeling rested, recharged, soothed and restored.  And warmer, right?

As I was perusing “todaysmama.com,” they provided several reasons why we all should take a trip to the beach…and of course, I had to share…after all it is about our brain health! 😉

  • It reduces depression…the sound of waves can put people in a true meditative state increasing mental clarity and reduced depression.
  • It can help de-stress you.  Scientists say the water is full of naturally occurring negative ions to offset the positive ions given off by the appliances everyday leave us feeling angry, cranky and overworked.
  • It makes you more creative.  Being in a blue space relaxes your brain where you are more likely to drift and imagine than you are on a day to day basis.
  • It changes your perspective on the world.  Looking at a great big ocean can remind us that there are things bigger on this planet then us or all the traffic on I-55.

If you want to check out this article to help state your case for a beach get-a-way…and a healthier brain, click here!