Taylor Swift is having fun with fans and their theories on her upcoming TS7 album, on Wednesday (February 27th) Swift posted a picture of her cat, Olivia Benson who looked pretty shook, “She just read all the theories,” Swift captioned the picture.

Taylor had posted a series of Instagram photos that fans thought were clues about her upcoming album, with some thinking a seven-day countdown to TS7 was happening. However, once the supposed countdown ran out, fans were disappointed that TS7 hadn’t been released. Another theory that fans came up with is that TS7 was supposed to be released before Reputation, however, her beef with Kim Kardashian and Kanye postponed it.

Fans are also using the Reputation calendar to pinpoint dates when music may be released from Swift, “2019 is 13 years since Taylor’s debut album was released in 2006. This makes it a big year for her since we all know 13 is her lucky number. Couple that with the stamps on the 13th day of these months, and you can assume the album has something to do with 13…”