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The Best Game Boy Games for Its 30th Anniversary!

The Nintendo Game Boy turned 30!  It hit stores in the U.S. on July 31st, 1989.

Over 1,000 Game Boy games were released between 1989 and 2001.  And someone just put together a list of the best games!


1.  “Tetris”, 1989.  Everyone had it, because it came with the console.  So it’s also the best-selling Game Boy game of all time, with about 35 million copies sold.

2.  “Pokémon”, 1996.  They did a few versions with different characters.

3.  “Super Mario Land 2”, 1992.

4.  “Wario Land 3”, 2000.

5.  “Super Mario Brothers Deluxe”, 2000.

6.  “R-Type”.  A shoot ’em up game that hit arcades in 1987, then Game Boy in 1989.

7.  “The Legend of Zelda:  Link’s Awakening”, 1993.

8.  “Donkey Kong Country”, 2000.  The 1994 “Donkey Kong” game also made the list.

9.  “Mega Man 5”, 1994.

10.  “Kirby’s Dream Land 2”, 1995.

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