There’s a bride who’s getting roasted on Reddit for booting some guests from her wedding. But does she really fall into the “bridezilla” category for doing so?

She clearly stated on the invites that it would be an adult occasion. But friends of the family who were invited but not close to her brought their very young children anyway. Our bride didn’t even fuss when the toddler did just that during her vows.

Fast forward to the reception: kids are running around on the dance floor, parents aren’t tending to them. So the bride asked the event planner to ask if/when their childcare provider for the evening was picking the kids up soon. This escalated between the parents and the planner, so the bride stepped in.

Things got heated between the bride and the parents, and the bride finally booted both kids and parents from the wedding, and now the bride’s family is upset with her.

What do you think? Was she right in asking them to leave? Or for asking people not to bring kids?