It’s crunch time!  Good thing the weather is sketchy this weekend so you can finish up your taxes!  It should be much easier this year since we can’t write off as much as we used to, but I did find a few unusual items you might be able to deduct.

If your pet is a social media influencer?  That could be considered a small business.  Maybe I should consider getting my Ivy Boxer her own “Insta” testing toys she shouldn’t be able to tear apart in 15 minutes.

If your pet is a service animal, you may be able to deduct the cost of buying, training and maintaining it.  It would be considered a “medical expense.”

So would a pool should your doctor say you need it to help treat a medical condition.

And finally, you could possibly deduct your kid’s clarinet lessons.  Back in 1962, one orthodontist recommended that the woodwind instrument could help correct a child’s overbite.  Again, a medical condition.

I wonder if you could also itemize all the aspirin you’ll need from listening to your kid’s clarinet lessons.

If you want to check out the entire list from CNBC, click here!