Even if you love the holidays, you likely feel at least some of the STRESS that comes with them…

Two new surveys reveal that 88% of us find the holidays stressful, in the first place.  Second, if you have to travel, it’s 98%.

And did you know…

The average couple will get in SEVEN holiday-related FIGHTS this year.  The most common things we fight about are where to spend the holidays, and how much to spend on gifts.  13% of us have also argued about whether to get a real tree or a fake tree.

Overall, the five most stressful things about this time of year:

  1.  Buying presents.
  2.  Managing your budget.
  3.  Cooking.
  4. Prepping the house for guests.
  5. Cleaning up before and after you have people over.

67% of people traveling for the holidays say staying with family is stressful.  And 48% of us think we’d get along with them a little better if we stayed somewhere else.



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