This Cheating Wife Was BUSTED by Hubby…While He Was WORKING!

Sounds like a soap opera, and sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, but this cheating wife got stone-cold BUSTED by her hubby…red-handed with her new BF…while the hubby was WORKING!

Seems Yeimy was cheating on her husband with her lover, Jesus, for around a year.  Cue the entrance of the unknowing husband, Leonardo. He was unknowing until the night he decided to pick up a shift driving for Uber using one of his friends cars and account.

Now, when Yeimy called for an Uber–you see where this is going!–to pick her and her side-piece up from a hotel after getting naughty, it was Leonardo the hubby that picked them up!  Yeimy was none-the-wiser since Leo was driving under his pal’s account, so it wasn’t HIS name that appeared as the ‘Uber driver on the way’. Unfortunately, Uber also banned Leo’s friend’s account because it isn’t allowed to let someone else drive on your account…

What’s the dumbest, most obvious, stone-cold-busted time YOU or a FRIEND caught a cheater?



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