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DATELINE: United Kingdom

Most workers need to clock in and out for their lunch breaks, some for coffee breaks – but what about the “potty break?”

A recent survey conducted by a software company found workers in London spend an average of 28 minutes, 35 seconds on the potty.

One company knows that some employers are done with employees dawdling in the restroom so they have created a toilet that sits at a 13-degree downward angle that will make sitting on it painful after a few minutes.

StandardToilet founder Mahabir Gill said, “your legs will start to strain after five minutes of sitting, similar to doing squat thrusts.”

The company hopes it will incentivize  employees to get back to work.  Gill said there are also health benefits to is downward degree toilet – it may also improve their posture.

It may improve their posture, but take away from connecting with their friends on Facebook!