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Tom Hanks Was Denied Beer at Stagecoach And He Tried to Bribe Them with “Toy Story 4” Tickets

Sometimes the rules do apply to celebrities.  Even celebrities as big as Tom Hanks.  On “Ellen”, Tom said he was denied beer at the Stagecoach Festival.

He’d gone up to the beer stand, but they wouldn’t serve him because he didn’t have a bracelet proving that he was allowed to drink.

They told him he had to go have his I.D. verified, get a bracelet, and come back.  Obviously, he thought that was ridiculous, because he’s 62 and he’s Tom Hanks.  But they wouldn’t budge.

He even tried to bribe them with tickets to the “Toy Story 4” premiere, but it didn’t work.

He eventually got a bracelet an a beer.

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