Thanksgiving is a great holiday to get together with family and friends AND avoid talking with each other.

Let’s face it, there are MANY topics your parents, aunts, uncles and even children might bring up that will create that Holiday Awkwardness feeling.  So, I suggest you put out a “Taboo Turkey” jar.  Kind of like a “Swear Jar.” When you violate the rules, you put money in the jar!

Here are a few of the topics that might apply:

  • Politics.  It’s a hot button for many, and let’s face it, your Uncle Herb has some strong opinions to share as he passes the potatoes.
  • Religion.  A generational hot topic indeed.
  • Money.  Especially if the family member hosting the feast asks you to split the grocery bill with her.
  • Relationships.  Whether it’s a family member bugging you about dating or having babies OR how much you are annoyed by Aunt Suzie’s latest flame, it’s probably best to skip the topic.

Who knows! By the end of the second course, you might have the dinner paid for!