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Dateline: Gladwin County, Michigan

This past Sunday, four ‘heavily intoxicated’ underage Amish men were pulled over in their horse and buggy and were busted for DUI after motorist spots them tossing empty beer cans onto the road

According to a witness, the foursome of two 19-year olds and two 20 year olds were seen drinking beer and then discarding their empty cans onto the road.

Once police searched their buggy-vehicle found several more containers of beer inside; both empty and unopened.  The deputies said that all four of the men appeared to be inebriated.

Police have charged the foursome with felony obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct and for being minors in possession of alcohol.

No charges were filed against the horse who could have been called the perfect designated driver along MANE Street.

It all happened around 4 in the afternoon, so at least they didn’t use headlights and got themselves in more Amish trouble.