Virtual NYE? How to stay Connected

We have yet another year where many of us need to think creatively if we want to Ring in the New Year with family and friends.

Last year, my family celebrated Virtually with our friends in Plainfield, friends who live 3 doors down from our house and our friends in Lake Bluff.  All 10 of us played JackBox online together and it was a riot!  Sure, not the same as in person – but, better than not!

I’ve also heard about people doing Cooking Prep parties via Zoom.  Order the same food prep packet and you can almost do your own Cooking Competition together.

There’s also an app I read about in USA Today where you can watch Netflix with friends online at the same time thanks to Teleparty. The app is free and it allows you to synchronize your video playback and so you can group chat at the same time. It only works on desktop or laptop computers, but you can watch any show on Netflix.

AND, guess what, no additional mess in your house and no one has to drive home after Midnight!

Just trying to put a positive spin on this, however, there’s nothing like being in person.  Let’s hope for better days in 20-22, right?