How are your New year’s resolutions going? We have a jump start!

Being overweight is expensive… did you know that on average you spend $1400 MORE each year on clothes, food, healthcare, etc.  And losing weight can cost even more- on average, surgery can cost you $400 per pound lost!!!!  And you still don’t have the tools you need to adjust your diet and really change your life.

The Vitalife program from Vitality Health Systems is the program that costs less, to lose more!

Watch the video as I talk with Davis Jaspers of Vitality Health Systems of New Lenox & Schaumburg!

And now, in 2018, the Vitalife program is MORE AFFORDABLE THAN EVER.  They’ve completely restructured their plan to make it more cost efficient than ever- and you’ll FINALLY lose the weight and keep it off for good.   Visit, or call 844-988-THIN!