We Already Knew This IL Restaurant was #1!

TripAdvisor searches through millions of user reviews every year to crown the best restaurants and travel experiences in America and around the world. Just this month, in keeping with “best-of” end of the year lists, they’ve announced the best fast-casual restaurants in the U.S., and an Illinois favorite topped the list!

Portillo’s, that little hot dog stand that started it all in Villa Park in 1963, has grown  to 58 locations. While you can enjoy those fab Chicago style dog in any of them, the crown jewel that was deemed the overall winner for quality and service is the one in Chicago’s River North neighborhood on 100 West Ontario.

Others in the fast-casual category were Earl of Sandwich in Vegas, Shake Shack in New York, and Blaze Pizza in Orlando.

Grab a slice of Portillo’s chocolate cake, a dog, or that fab chopped salad–or YOUR favorite–and celebrate being number one!



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