We Love Our Little, Purse-sized Pups, Even with Their “Little Man’s Complex”!

In a time where there’s a study for every question under the sun that we’ve ever had, this study clears the air about the burning question: why do shorter dogs aim so high?

If you’ve ever noticed that your shorter-statured puppy shoots for the sky when you take him for his nightly walk to go potty, you’re not crazy–it’s true!

The study published in The Daily Mail said, “Smaller dogs urinate higher up lamp posts to make themselves seem bigger to others, ‘short dog syndrome'”

It continued, “Male dogs spray urine as a ‘scent marker’ for others, and it is know to include information about their age, health, sex – and size.

“However, researchers now believe some small dogs try and cheat the system by angling their pee so it goes higher than their real body size.”

If you’re puppy’s got a touch of the syndrome, you’ll know by where he aims!



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