Wedding Ring GooseBumps… 45 Years Later… Message from Beyond?

Will Frye of Dubuque, Iowa, was working on the engine of his 1978 Oldsmobile 98 when he found a wedding ring in the engine.  Frye called the original owner of the car, to see if it belonged to him.  Sure enough, 93-year-old Ray Schmuecker remembered when he lost it.

“[My wife] was kind of broken about me losing it; so she [went] right into the town and [came] home with another wedding ring, with several diamonds in it – exactly like the one I lost,” Schmuecker said.

The car had been in Schmuecker’s family for years.  It was used for family vacations, for teaching his kids to drive, and later in life, to take his wife to her breast cancer treatments until she passed.

Frye had bought the Oldsmobile to use it for parts, in an Olds 98 which he used for drag racing.

Now, Schmuecker’s daughter, who is dealing with breast cancer says the reappearing ring is a sign that, “everything (is) going to be OK.”



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