We’re Not Treating Our Pets LIKE Children, Pets Are REPLACING Them

Surf around social media sites, and you’ll no doubt see tons of photos and videos of family pets. Seems our “Furbabies” are our future.

Research shows that there has been a significant decrease in the desire for young people to focus on having children and an increase in pet ownership. How did  researchers figure that out?

A recent Suntrust study showed that a primary factor in house hunting for young people has become 1)  a place for their pets, 2) space for a potential significant other and lastly, 3) space for children. According to experts, this shift may be the result of more young people feeling isolated and anxious with human connections in such a digital world.

What do you think of this trend? Is it because kids are expensive, young people don’t have jobs and still live with their parents, or young people indeed feel isolated and anxious with human connections, and our pets love us unconditionally?





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