If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, I’m hoping to save you some time and grief.  A new survey by Instacart and the Harris Poll shares our LEAST favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

With Turkey Day around three weeks away, you are guaranteed a winner in serving your signature roasted turkey, however the survey revealed you should stay away from some of the holiday classics.

Nearly 70 percent of Americans admit to nibbling on standard Thanksgiving sides and mains without actually even enjoying them.

The least favorite is canned cranberry sauce

The second least-favorite Thanksgiving item, the green bean casserole.

Sweet potato casserole, as well as boiled and baked sweet potatoes, round out the top three least favorites, with respondents admitting they don’t like the orange vegetable’s flavor profile and consistency.

They also added that they wouldn’t mind you forgetting about the traditional Pumpkin pie.

This is the most shocking and blasphemous!  19% said they hate roast turkey!

If you want to check out the rest of this sad story I found in Martha Stewart magazine, click here!