When’s the last time you dug through your old ‘hard copy’ photos? An old boss and co-worker at Gibsons Steakhouse reached out recently, on the hunt for photos to celebrate their 30th anniversary. Did I have any?

Politics aside, how often does going to work involve serving dinner to the President of the United States? I had that day back in the late ’90’s, and it was exciting!

Typically, Secret Service will clear a location that a president visits a full month before appearing, background checks and everything. This was not an official State dinner, then-President Clinton was simply joining a group of 15 men in the private dining rooms of Gibsons where I managed the parties special events.  That said, with only a week to get their jobs done, Secret Service complained that they didn’t have enough time to do their jobs…so they did what they had to do–towed every car in a full city block radius of the restaurant that could pose a threat right in the heart of the Gold Coast in Chicago!

After metal-detecting all of us as we started our event that night, Secret Service also had the tough but necessary job in the kitchen of tasting delicious steak, because that was the evening’s biggest and best!

While tasting his steak in back, Clinton entered with his entourage through the front, and before the door to his private room even opened, he was complaining about “that *%#$-ing guy in Minnesota”, referring to then-Governor Jesse Ventura. He sat with then-Mayor Richard M. Daley and enjoyed steak, wine, and cocktails, admitting he was only in town because Hillary had business in Chicago that week.

The White House photographer was in tow, and snapped a few memorable pics that I found after sifting through my pile of 20 year old snapshots.

Share YOUR old pic in honor of #ThrowbackThursday that you’re proud of, or is interesting to YOU!