What Waffle House Means For Hurricanes

Diners eat at a Waffle House restaurant decorated for Valentine's Day in Atlanta, Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018. The famous Southern diner chain creates a romantic atmosphere with soft music, white tablecloths, and candlelight dinner in 170 of their restaurants for the annual holiday. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

A Waffle House in Panama City Beach, Florida has shuttered up in advance of Hurricane Michael. You know something is serious when a Waffle House closes because they NEVER shut down. A news reporter featured the location right across from the beach in an update on the approaching hurricane.  FEMA has something called the Waffle House Index. They look at operating conditions at the restaurants as a gauge of how an area will recover from a storm. Waffle House’s goal is to re-open stores as soon as possible after storms. They say it represents a sense of normalcy after a weather event.  I think the first Waffle House I ever ate at was in Kentucky…didn’t seem to normal to me – but that’s immaterial.

Did you know about the Waffle House Index?



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