With many kids headed back to school this next week, I ask you, why do we get so stressed out buying pencils and pants…but not as much when we go Holiday Shopping?

A new survey says 26% of people say they expect they’ll take on some debt for back-to-school shopping this year.  32% will spend MORE than they do on their holiday shopping.

And 23% say back-to-school shopping, quote, “has at least somewhat damaged their relationship with their child.”

What?  Back to school shopping is tearing apart families?   Are they worried that the other kids will make fun of the calculator mom buys?  Calculator-shaming? I wasn’t sure there was such a thing!

Most of my friends said that it was Holiday Shopping that stressed them out, dealing with crowds and hunting for the right gift – with back to school shopping, you are usually given a list and need to stick to it.

One mom did say that the school stuff stresses her out because of all the little things you need to gather up and sharpen.

I thought it was for other reasons a Number 2 pencil stressed me out!