What’s the “state” of your cookie?

If you are not shopping today, you might be baking away in the kitchen.

I was curious about Christmas cookies.  I’ve attempted in the past…and now stick to making Homemade Fudge.  It’s much easier and you don’t need artistic talent.

I looked up what the most popular Christmas Cookie was by state – I found these from the online site The Spruce Eats.

Some are pretty normal and tasty sounding;

  • Connecticut: Chocolate-Dipped Almond Crescent Cookies
  • Florida & Georgia: Coconut Calypso Cookies
  • Indiana: Mexican Wedding Cakes
  • New York: Kosher Dairy-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Virginia: Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookies

Our state’s favorite Christmas cookie is the Greek Grape Molasses Cookie. There aren’t any eggs, milk, or butter in this recipe either, making it allergy-friendly.

Wisconsin steps away from cheese and loves the Rosette Cookie.

It’s the West Coast folks that ruin it for me.

California: Vegan Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies

And in Oregon they like the Vegan Pfeffernusse Cookie.

It has Black pepper, molasses, egg replacement and vegan margarine.  It’s allergy-friendly….but, I think it’s probably more fun to say rather than eat.