Do you ever say a word, and once it’s left your mouth, you instantly regret it? One new survey may reinforce that feeling, because there are quite a few words it recommends we immediately stop saying. And it says it’s because we’re TOO OLD to  say them anymore–the nerve!

Check these out, and ask yourself if they should be taken out of rotation:

-Clap back: another way of saying “retort”. (feel free to say retort then!)

-Bae: just one syllable away from “baby”, but just gotta take that shortcut!

-GOAT: “Greatest of All Time”. Also known as “best”. Go ahead, it’s yours)

-Hangry: you’re SO HUNGRY, it makes you angry.

-Fleek: “on point”. You still want to use it? Survey says! “YOU’RE OLD”

What do you say? Should these words have EVER made it into our common vernacular, or is there still life in them yet? You can see the full list of words that may be breathing their last breaths here…