Where Have I Heard This Before?

You gotta give a lot of credit to Bruno Mars.

He’sa world class artist/producer and he knows how to pay tribute to those who came before him. Case in point, his new single “Finesse,” featuring rapper Cardi B. Catch the song on Star 96.7.

Once again, just like so many of his other songs like “Locked Out Of Heaven,” “Uptown Funk,” “Versace On The Floor” and many others.

He has said that late 80’s R&B was one of his influences, as well as rockers like Led Zeppelin, The Police and The Beatles. Let’s not forget, Bruno was an Elvis and Michael Jackson impersonator! He has been able to flawlessly blend these musical styles with his own.

So, if “Finesse” sounds familiar, take a listen to a couple of these and see if you can tell where he drew his inspiration from!

after 7 – Heat Of The Moment (1989)

Bobby Brown – On Our Own (from “Ghostbusters II) (1989)




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