FRISKY FRIDAY UPDATE:  You’ll add a “lotta” zest to your lovelife, if you sprinkle a little more of this into your meal plan.  According to the culinary and physiological experts at THE FRISKY, there are five spices you may already have in your kitchen – and they heat up the temperature in the bedroom.

According to, the remarkable libido and longevity of Indian culture is directly connected to its reputation as the “Land of Spice.”  So, start with these:

Cardamom  increases your energy level, while you enjoy its citrusy, minty, herbal flavor.  This magnifies libido, for both men and women.  Because it can accelerate blood flow to both male and female erogenous zones, it will increase sensitivity and pleasure.  Cardamom can also reinvigorate your body, after a heavy meal.

Cumin is reputed to simply bring magic to your sex life, in particular, if you drink it in a tea, on an empty stomach.  But it has a very distinctive flavor, with an earthy, nutty, spicy taste – which most of us enjoy in chili or tacos or such.

Fennel really tastes a lot like licorice.  This herb contains plant-based estrogen-like compounds – and they are known to impact the female libido – but be careful!  Well-documented effects of fennel, and fennel seeds, explain why it has long been a standard ingredient for love potions, across world cultures and throughout history.

Ginger sweet yet spicy, is well known as a natural and powerful aphrodisiac.  Many cultures have noted that ginger is directly linked to an increased blood flow (to both male and female erogenous “zones;” while the fragrance enhances and stimulates a longer lasting and more intense “Big O.”

Turmeric has an anti-inflammatory effect – this aids digestion and reduces bloating.  So, it can help “get you in the mood” or “get the feeling going,” as an evening progresses.  This pungent combination of orange and ginger-related scents also has natural healing properties.  It, too, will accelerate blood flow, everywhere – good for libido and sexual sensitivity.

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