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DATELINE: Janesville, Wisconsin

One would-be shoplifter didn’t use a bag in trying to rip off the Voight Music Center in Janesville earlier this month, instead he stuffed a flute down the back of his pants.

Store owner Tony Farrell says surveillance video caught the “cheeky thief” in the act.  In the video, you can see the man and the massive flute sticking up out of his pants.

The store owner’s mother, who also works there, confronted the man before he could walk out the door. She asked him what he had in his pants; which could have been a dangerous question.

“Oh, I got a flute and that’s where I keep my flutes,” said the five-finger flute thief.

After making some small talk, maybe discussing what other instruments he stores in his pants, he quickly walked out the door.

Not to worry, they said they don’t plan on selling the flute.  Farrell said he didn’t feel good about anyone ever having to touch it again. “I couldn’t, in good conscience, let anyone ever put their lips to that instrument at any time, you know?”

Instead, they made a lamp out of it…probably are using the Clapper to turn it off and on, you know for sanitary reasons.