YES…that is my purse and shoes….aren’t they AWESOME?!?!…said this (aka ME) Cubs fan.

“Can I wear white after Labor Day?” The short answer: Yes! In fact, the story behind this arbitrary dress code is a weak one.

The “You can’t wear white after Labor Day,” rule started back in the late 19th Century to separate the old money elitists from the new money group…rather snobby really.

The true reason could be much simpler: After Labor Day, the first Monday of September, became a federal holiday in 1894, it came to mark the end of summer when the kids head back to school, signaling a new season …and let’s face it – it’s going to start to get cold where navy and gray sweaters would be much more appropriate than a breezy white linen dress.

Although, I would hint that breezy white linen dresses look great on a beach in the middle of February.