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Who’s the Top Dog?

The American Kennel Club earlier this week, revealed the most popular breeds in America.  If you have a Labrador Retriever, you have the #1 dog in the country siting that it is great for families.

As far as those of us in the Chicago area – we love the Lab, French Bulldogs, Golden Retrievers….for myself, the Boxer ranked #6 on the top 10 in town.

I am just concerned to what this will do for the doggie cliques at your average Doggie Day Care.

Here at the top 10 dog breeds for Chicagoans:

1. Labrador Retrievers
2. French Bulldogs
3. Golden Retrievers
4. German Shepherd Dogs
5. Bulldogs
6. Boxers
7. Rottweilers
8. Siberian Huskies
9. Bernese Mountain Dogs
10. Pembroke Welsh Corgis


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