Labor Day isn’t just a three-day holiday weekend – it’s the day we celebrate Labor Day and reflect on the American worker’s contributions to our country.  Always on the first Monday of September, it became a federal holiday in 1894 thanks to many of the Labor Unions of New York who also fought for weekends off, social security, vacation and eight-hour workdays.

I asked many of my friends why they “Labor…”  Some of the answers needed to be censored to protect the smart-alecs…you don’t know my friends.

  • “To afford my next vacation”
  • “To make a better life for my dog”
  • “To pay for my dog’s medication and surgery”
  • “To travel, which helps me cope with the labor”
  • “To pay for the endless clothes and food that our growing teenaged boy needs”
  • “To pay for those that I was in labor with”