You won’t believe who THIS girl was willing to turn in–for NO reward!

A 38-year-old guy named Chance Mongeon stole a 2017 Dodge Challenger from a rental car parking lot at Nashville International Airport in Tennessee back in July. Then, he and his girlfriend, a 38-year-old Cristy Caldwell, jumped in the car and made their get-away, eluding the cops that were chasing them.

But then Cristy–his GIRLFRIEND–called 911 from inside the car. She wanted to collect a reward for turning in her car-stealing boyfriend. The catch: there WAS no reward, and the dispatcher told her so.  She refused to give her honey up without it, so they got away. For a little while, at least.

The cops investigated, and they found Chance and arrested him on several charges back in August.  And last week, they also arrested Cristy for attempting to harbor a fugitive and hindering arrest. And definitely NOT standing by her man!



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