There is so much social pressure when it comes to Valentine’s Day.  Which by, the way is the 14th…just sayin’.

Do you give your significant other a card? Diamond? OR beef jerky from the local gas station?

Which brings me to asking, “What was the worst Valentine’s Day gift you’ve been given?”

According to Red Tricycle website their readers shared some really sad, sad gifts.  I thought I would help you out and well, save your “Hallmark Holiday.”

  • A confirmation of delivery, but no flowers; One guy shared that he ordered his girlfriend flowers that didn’t arrive or they were stolen from the porch…so instead, he gave her the delivery confirmation.
  • Hair; One woman reported her boyfriend once gave her a picture frame filled with his hair… he thought it would be romantic.
  • A tongue scraper….really? A gift that removes tongue fur?
  • A heart made out of meat….raw steak.
  • E-Z Divorce certificate – I didn’t want to explore that further.
  • A fancy jewelry box … with the comment ‘don’t get excited … it’s not a ring or anything.’
  • A garbage can…nothing says romance like a metal trashcan with the step-on open feature!
  • An empty box of chocolates…the guy said the box was filled with coconut and knew she was allergic…so….he then claimed, he saved her life.

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