YOU LOVE TO COMPLAIN?! Here Are Your Absolute Favorites:

You’re just average if you only complain 3 times a day! This latest survey published by Yahoo found that half of us don’t think we could go a full day without one complaint. What’s got us griping?

See if any of these common triggers set you off to complaining:

-bad customer service

-telemarketers and robocalls

-people who cut in line

-feeling cold

-letters and boxes that don’t show up on time


-bad Wi-Fi connection

-litter, and people who do it

-the weather

-feeling too hot

There were more complain-worthy topics that didn’t make it to the top 10 that are still worth honorable mentions, like: loud neighbors, being late, no parking spaces, people who stare at their phones, a bad phone signal, and feeling hungry.

What sets YOU off? Go ahead–complain about it!



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