You Remember Drive-In Theaters? Now You Can Own One!

Who used to love loading up a car or truckload of pals and heading to the local drive-in theater? Seems drive-ins went by the wayside a LONG time ago, but in an age of retro and reboots, it was only a matter of time before we saw this type of movie-watching experience enjoy new life.

If you ever wanted to watch movies on a nice sized screen while sitting in your pickup truck, Ford may have the technology for you!

Ford has patented an accessory so you’ll be able to turn your truck into your very own outdoor theater! Supports allow for a screen to be attached, and you’ll have a place for speakers and a projector as well.

Ford hasn’t announced when this feature will be available for truck buyers just yet, but do YOU think there’s a market for this? Are there enough people who’d want the “outdoor viewing experience” to make this an option?



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