Disney merchandise is known for becoming more valuable over time. That goes for those old Disney VHS tapes you may have in storage. All Disney videos from back in the day are not created equal but some of them could make you some cash. Look to see if your video was a part of Disney’s Black Diamond collection. These VHS tapes came out between 1984 and 1994. They are clearly marked on the spine of the box. Those tapes might be worth $50 to $250 on eBay.  If the tape is labeled “A Walt Disney Classic” and is also a Black Diamond, it could be more valuable. A video that had a cover art change while it was released could bring in big bucks too. A copy of The Little Mermaid in the original case is listed for $3,200. A Black Diamond version of 101 Dalmatians is worth $6,000!

Will you go through your old VHS tapes to find any of these? Will you keep them and hope the price goes up or will you try to sell the tape?