Mark-Paul Gosselaar was asked if he’d consider a “Saved By the Bell” revival . . . for what seems like the 84th time . . . and he started off by saying that he’s NOT interested in reboots.  Personally.

But he’d be willing to hear the pitch.

He said, quote, “If it was a good product that I thought wouldn’t tarnish the original product, yeah, I’m open to hearing anything.  I love what they’ve done with ‘Cobra Kai’.  That type of reboot is what I’d be interested in exploring.”

The problem is that any revival would face the issue of whether or not to invite Screech back.  Dustin Diamond has been a bit of a mess over the last decade, including putting out that scandalous “Behind the Bell” book.

But Mark-Paul said he’d work with Screech again.  Quote, “Listen, I’ve worked with actors that I couldn’t stand being in the room with.  Dustin is not one of those people.  Who cares about the book?  The book was fiction . . . I don’t know what it was.”

We’ll probably hear a lot about “Saved By the Bell” this summer . . . because the 30th anniversary of its premiere is in August.